Metallurgical Assessment

LPTi routinely employs on-site or off-site microstructural assessment techniques including replica methods and hardness testing to assess the state of damage incurred by turbine components using highly experienced engineers. Off-site metallurgical assessment of hot section parts is carried out using world class microscopy facilities at the Institute for Aerospace Research of the National Research Council of Canada. Quantitative microstructural data is used to assess the residual life of service exposed parts using the XactLIFE prognostics system. In some instances, qualitative coating and substrate assessment is used to make repair and refurbishment decisions

It is noteworthy that metallurgical assessment should not be confused with component residual life assessment. International Turbomachinery Journal , Vol 50 No.2, "Predictive Maintenance", by A.k. Koul, S.Shanks and W. Wallace.