LPTi, a prognostic company in Ottawa, Canada, successfully executed a project with PDVSA involving residual life prediction and life extension for a fleet of 43 W-101 turbines located at Maracaibo in Venezuela. LPTi engineers assessed the damage tolerance of life expired discs and devised a safe inspection interval strategy using its physics based fracture mechanics algorithms. This technology allowed PDVSA to implement a retirement-for-cause approach to disc life cycle management in the field...

...Implementing this maintenance philosophy has allowed PDVSA to extend the life of W-101 fleet of engines well beyond the OEM recommended life limits. This approach has also allowed us to save on capital spending by deferring the investment costs while minimizing operational risks at the same time. Instead of spending $40 million to replace all life expired disks in our fleet of W-101 engines immediately, PDVSA has only spent approximately $2.5 million ($0.5 Million on an annual basis for the last five years)...

Lisbeth Nieto, Head Technical Services Engineering, PDVSA Western

This is to certify that NFOTEC Digital Engineering Pvt Ltd (NDE) with Life Prediction Technologies Inc.(LPTi) has completed the stress analysis,Thermal analysis, Safe life evaluation and Damage tolerant based life prediction of Kaveri Marine Low Pressure Turbine Disc to our satisfaction.

BVA Patnaik, Sc. F for Director, GTRE

This is to certify that M/S LPTi, Canada has completed the Aero thermal, stress, life and vibration analysis for the LP turbine rotor blade satisfactorily

S.V. Ramanamurthy, Sc. F for Director, GTRE

Probabilistic safe life prediction tool, being developed by LPTi in collaboration with Defence R&D Canada and DND (Dept. of National Defence) will allow life cycle managers to quantify any risk associated with different life extension schemes and usage scenarios. Life cycle managers will use this tool to assess the residual life of their engine components as a function of usage and flight mission profiles...

K.I. McRae, Head/Air Vehicle research section, Defence R&D Canada-Atlantic