XactLIFE™ GT is a custom-built engine specific prognostics platform developed using LPTi's patented LCM-ES framework. It provides a complete LCM of engine parts providing Safe Life Analysis and ENSIP-based Damage Tolerance Assessment (DTA). Part Life and reliability are predicted upfront using microstructure based damage models under actual mission/usage spectrum. Impact of any material changes can also be quantified. The system includes predictive maintenance and parts life tracking modules for individual engine and fleet operational environments.

XactLIFE™ GT is a web based application that runs on a client-server model. It can be deployed seamlessly on a local machine or on a cloud ready remote server over different operating systems. Custom-built configuration files enable the platform to predict actual usage based part lives of a wide range of turbines and other mission and failure critical mechanical components. Simple but rich user interfaces and layouts provide an easy to use experience for running multi-disciplinary and complex calculations within one application.  

Features of XactLIFE™ GT included in Version 2.0:

  • Graphical User Interface to input and select the type of analysis that the user wants to run with the XactLIFE™ GT  (Deterministic or Probabilistic Life Prediction)
  • Novel capability to filter actual mission data for variable amplitude mechanical and thermal fatigue loading and dwell times (creep) to create an overall component loading profile
  • Integrated 3D Thermodynamic semi-empirical analysis and engine modeling, taking into account component level cooling effects
  • Finite Element Modeling of turbine components, blades, discs, and vanes using a non-linear FE solver
  • Probabilistic analysis capability that allows the users to quantify risks of failure in a fleet operating environment
  • Microstructural models allow the user to accurately identify component fracture critical locations and predict safe life under creep, fatigue and combined creep fatigue damage
  • Determine RUL, predictive maintenance intervals, cost estimation and parts life tracking.
  • Automated reports and graphical charts for safe life at a part level.

More information on the product can be found here.