Services and custom-built PHM systems that provide a quantitative basis to make informed maintenance decisions to improve parts availability/uptime and reduce maintenance costs.


LPTi products and services provide an additional aid to predictive maintenance decision making process. Usage based safe life and damage tolerance are quantified following MIL-HDBK-1783B guidelines.

Current and future design/maintenance requirements and risks as well as improving availability and safety are quantified. This is achieved through predictive maintenance and parts life tracking as a function of actual engine usage.

Providing prognostics services for the components that operate under cyclic (fatigue) and/or steady state (creep) loads at ambient or elevated temperatures, so as to minimize the operating costs and to maximize the profits of our customers.

Power Plants

The damage accumulation under baseload and peak load operating conditions, start-ups, shutdowns, trips can be accurately predicted and utilized for predictive maintenance, revision of safe life and safe inspection intervals for life extension. Provide alternative to OEM recommendations and replacement schedules. Performance improvement through physics based performance modeling.


The coating life module is particularly relevant for marine applications where coating life invariably controls the hot gas path inspection intervals.

Repair and Overhaul Vendors

Services for  residual life assessment of repaired or refurbished parts and provide customized strategy for overhaul of service exposed and design life expired parts under actual usage.

Third Party Parts Manufacturers

Assist parts manufacturers to assess and verify design with geometry and material modification using a qualified and validated  algorithms.


LPTi’s  offers an integrated and easy to use expert system and consulting for engineering and insurance companies. The offering includes root cause analysis of a failure under different damage modes, life extension and an estimate of reliability to mitigate risk.